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“I’m generally skeptical of macho enterprises being called out as homoerotic; this happens all the time in reference to sports like football, and it often seems like another volley in the great nerd/jock war. But [Quentin] Tarantino is dead on about one detail: After Maverick succeeds in scoring a dinner date with Charlie at her home, he then mysteriously throws on the brakes when she tries to seduce him. It’s only when she appears in the elevator, dressed like a man, that she finally gets romantic attention from him. Nevertheless, if you don’t buy Top Gun as a subversive gay narrative, surely we can agree that the heat in this movie is entirely of the guy-on-guy variety.”

Our Movie Of The Week discussion of Top Gun wouldn’t be complete without a discussion of the (in)famous volleyball scene, and the film’s reputation for homoeroticism, which was goosed considerably by Quentin Tarantino’s rant about the movie in Sleep With Me. Our Top Gun forum discussion dissects this and more. [Read more…]


Geek City Skylines - Created by René Mateo

René combines his love of city architecture and skylines with geek pop culture to create this art series which he features at his SkyWorld Etsy Shop.